About Fête du Café

We’re are passionate about coffee. About coffee beans, roasted by local heroes, about the coffee capsules you use to fuel your Monday mornings (or any other day of the week) and about those fine coffee machines that produce the black gold.

We’ve started Fête du Café to bring you a festival of coffee, to create a community of coffee lovers, roasters & brewers and coffee wholesalers from all over the world. Bringing you the best quality coffee beans and the cheapest coffee capsules, from local roasters and the big-brands.

Your coffee adventure starts on Fête du Café, discover the world of coffee, try and buy exciting coffee blends and join the coffee festival.

We are based in the Netherlands from where we want to conquer the world. We have the ambition to become the center of the coffee culture. Bringing together coffee enthusiasts from all over the world. A place where caffeine cravers share their passion, a place where strangers become friends.

We are all friends here!