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Fête du Café is Europe’s 1st Coffee Marketplace. A stage for roasters, wholesalers and big-brands to showcase their carefully picked beans, beautiful blends and unique packaging. Where a devoted audience of coffee lovers try & buy new flavors, benefit from special offers and profit from the best prices.

Just last year (2022) the Dutch were good for cups of coffee, good for a € 5,1 billion market. Now, that’s a lot of cups of coffee. And coffee consumption has been growing year-after-year, throughout crisis, not being affected by economics. Coffee is one of the essential-needs for every household.

Coffee is very loveable with a steadily growing coffee culture throughout Europe. Coffee is a language everybody speaks, from Amsterdam to Paris, from London to New York. Coffee is a necessity that travels beyond borders and brings people closer.

Coffee is easy to ship, it hardly generates complaints or returns. If there is one product that is perfect to sell online, then it’s coffee.

That's why coffee-webshops are competing for that sweet-spot in Google, driving up cost-per-click to unreal numbers. They don't really have a choise, because Google is the only channel for coffee-sellers to reach consumers. Until now.. Fête du Café is a vertical marketplace, that offers a dedicated audience to roasters, webshops and wholesalers, skipping the middle man (Google) and saving big on advertisement.

Vertical marketplaces are outperforming webshops. First of all, clustering product-data, gathering product-information, in one easy-to-crawl webshop, makes it much easier for Google to index. But most of all,verticals bring convienence that people love. Having a unique assortiment all in one place, being able to compare and buy, from one window, with one account, is very appealing to visitors.


It’s our vision to create a community of coffee lovers, from all over the world, to share their passion and thirst for coffee. A place where consumers discover new brands, where Vendors introduce new blends. A hotspot where caffeine addicts find ferocious flavors, the best bargains and the perfect proposition. Fête du Café aims to be the center of the coffee culture in Europe.


The first step of our adventure was to technically create the Fête du Café platform. And, you’re looking at it right now. We’ve developed;

  1. A stunning frontend where customers can browse and buy coffee products.
  2. A portal where Vendor van upload their products and manage orders.
  3. A backoffice where Fête du Café control Vendors and Customers.

We are currently wrapping up the 1st phase, and are preparing for the 2nd phase of development. Fête du Café will continue to develop throughout 2023 – 2024 offering new functionality, improving processes, continuously working on that perfect user-experience.

Starting mid-September 2023 we are inviting roasters, wholesalers & the big-brands to register as Vendor and upload their products. We’ve scouted around 400 potential Vendors in the Netherlands alone, and we’re aiming to onboard 50 Vendors before the end of 2023.

Of course, we’ll support every Vendor with onboarding. If the manual or the FAQ doesn’t give to answers Vendors need, we’ll assist them every step of the way, from registration, setting-up their profile, to uploading their products, we’re here. Now, for those Vendors stepping in first, we’ve got a little bonus.

We don’t charge set-up fees or a subscription. It’s a risk-free enterprise for Vendors. It’s a win-only proposition. So, we expect Vendors to eagerly join and as that momentum grows, more-and-more Vendors will see the potential and profit from Fête du Café. By the end of 2024 the community will count around 400 Vendors from all across Europe.

We’ll push forward those gorgeous, appealing brands. Giving the stage to Vendors, making them the center of attention. So, our marketing strategy is not about us, but it’s about coffee, coffee products and caffeine addicts.

It’s no secret that consumers all over the world have been caught by the coffee virus. There is a coffee culture comparable to car-fanatics and wine-connoisseur’s, and they are ready to try and buy. Fête du Café is the perfect magnet for those coffee crazy people, offering a never-seen before catalogue of coffee blends, exotic flavors and beautiful brands. Not to mention, those special offers and discount prices that attract bargain buyers.


We’ll make a lot of noise and will be reaching out to the press all over the world. Being the first marketplace for Coffee we expect to gain traction and get the attention we deserve. And if not, we’ll start a good old little riot, shaking up the coffee world.

Our marketing strategy entails provoking Social Media campaigns on Instagram & Facebook. We’ve got a campaign lined up that consists of provoking images and videos, that include polls and surveys to engage with our coffee audience.

Next to making noise, reaching out to the press, a provoking Social Media campaign, we’ll focus on getting high in the Google ranks. This – of course – includes SEO (through blogs, link-building) and a full blown Google Addwords campaign.

Fête du Café will reach out to consumers through regular E-marketing campaigns. We’ll update customers with relevant information on new Vendors, new brands, new offers and new try-boxes. Where ‘relevant’ is one of the key-words. As a coffee lover, you’d enjoy reading the Fête du Café mails.

We believe that the unique proposition of Fête du Café will eventually be recognized by aficionados and attract our audience, tryers and buyers, from all over Europe. We are aiming on organic traffic, getting in the bookmarks and a top-of-mind position. These return customers will drive the growth and success of Fête du Café.

Feel free to contact Jeroen van der Geest and discuss possibilities to partner, participate or invest.
Telephone: +31 (0) 6 22 934 390