Category Specifications & Guidelines

Consumers navigate through the Fête du Café catalogue. There are 3 main product-categories in Fête du Café: Coffee Consumables, Coffee Machines and Coffee Accessories. Each categorie contains of a number of sub-categories.

Product Categories

Fête du Café currently supports the product-categories below. When uploading your products you have the option to categorize your product to one or more of the below categories.

Main Sub Reference Google
Coffee Coffee beans Coffee///Coffee beans
Coffee capsules Coffee///Coffee capsules
Coffee ground Coffee///Coffee ground
Coffee instant Coffee///Coffee instant
Coffee pads Coffee///Coffee pads
Machines Beans Machines///Beans
Ground Machines///Ground 1388
Illy Machines///Illy
L'OR Machines///L'OR
Nespresso Machines///Nespresso
Nespresso Pro Machines///Nespresso Pro
Senseo Machines///Senseo
Vertuo Machines///Vertuo
Dolce Gusto Machines///Dolce Gusto
Accessories Barista Accessories///Barista
Chocolate & Cookies Accessories///Chocolate & Cookies 4748 / 2229
Cleaning Accessories///Cleaning 623
French Press Accessories///French Press 1557
Filters Accessories///Filters 3450
Grinders Accessories///Grinders 734
Mugs & Cups Accessories///Mugs & Cups 2169 / 6049
Milk Frothers Accessories///Milk Frothers 3526
Milk & Sugar Accessories///Milk & Sugar 4418 / 503734
Percolator Accessories///Percolator
Other Accessories///Other

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Categories may change over time. If you feel like product-categories are missing and would like to introduce a new categories, send a message to with your category and 2 or more example products and we'll look into it.