Rules & Procedures

We all want things to go smoothly. That’s why we’ve written a set of simple rules & procedures for the most common processes. Vendors are obliged to follow these procedures as defined in the “General terms and conditions for selling through Fête du Café for Vendors” and described here.

Customer Communications

Fête du Café offers a convenient electronic messaging application for communication between the Vendor and the customer. Customers may contact Vendors through the messaging service from their personal pages in the Fête du Café webshop. Vendors are required to communicate with the customer via the messaging application through the Vendor portal.


Vendors are required to process & ship orders as soon as possible. Vendors are responsible for the delivery of the order to the customer within the promised time-frame.


Customers may return closed and sealed products within 14 days. The costs of return is for the customers expense. Customers should return the product including all accessories, in the original condition and packaging. Handling returns are the responsibility of the Vendor. Vendors may not charge additional handling or shipping fees to customers.


Customer may submit a complaint about a delivery and/or product. Vendors are required to respond to any complaint within 48 hours and offer a solution within 14 working days.