Ranking & Marketing

The order in which your product is presented in the search-result, catalogue-browsing or on the product-page, is based on several criteria. In search and catalogue browsing your products are by default sorted based on relevancy. Relevancy is determined by the level of detail of your product-data and specifications, price, product-ratings and volume-sold. It is possible to acquire a preferred position in the search result and catalogue browsing to promote products. This is a paid position that Vendors can buy from Fête du Café.


This is how your products are ranked in search & catalogue browsing

  1. Relevancy : Products that are most relevant are presented first (however after 'Sweetspot' products) in search and catalogue browsing. Relevancy is based on product-data, price and volume.
  2. Sweetspot : Products in the ‘Sweetspot’ will be presented first and before 'Relevancy' in search and catalogue browsing. This is a paid option.
  3. Buybox : If a product has multiple Vendors, the order of Vendors in the list is based on performance (price, stock & rating).

Fête du Café offers several options to push & promote your brand and/or your products on the Fête du Café website or in our newsletters.

  1. Banner : There is (limited) space available for banners on the Fête du Café homepage.
  2. Spotlight : We have reserved a row for ‘spotlight’ products on the homepage.
  3. Sweetspot : Products in the ‘sweetspot’ will be presented first in search and catalogue browsing.
  4. Newsletters : We have a special place for your brand and product in our weekly newsletters.

Contact us through info@feteducafe.com to discuss possibilities on how to promote your brand and products.