The many benefits for vendors

We are here for you. Running a webshop? Are you a wholesaler? Or roasting your own specialty coffee? Fête du Café is your stage to showcase your brand, your unique coffee blends, your specialty beans, and your distinct flavors to a broad audience of coffee enthusiasts and aficionados. Fête du Café opens up new horizons for coffee roasters, wholesalers, for local heroes & big-brands, driving growth and establishing a power position in the global coffee market.

Start with 0,00 investment

You bring the coffee, we'll seal the deal. Start today with 0,00 investment. No set-up costs, no registration fees. All we ask is a commission per orders. It's really a zero-risk, win-only proposition. We do the sales & marketing, you catch the orders and send the goods to the customer. Better still, we'll do the bookkeeping and forward you the payment. 

Dedicated coffee audience

Fête du Café is dedicated to coffee lovers from all over the world. It's a world created by and for aficionados. You are sure that spectators of Fête du Café are all coffee enthusiasts and caffeine addicts. A devoted audience that is ready to try and buy your special blends and unique flavors.

  1. No set-up costs, no subscription
  2. Dedicated audience ready to try and buy
  3. Marketing and advertisement of your products
  4. Creating the biggest coffee community in Europe

It's your show

You could very well be the worlds best kept secret. That's why we're creating a coffee theater and we want you to take the stage. It's your show. Fête du Café will put you in the center of attention in our advertisements, media campaigns, newsletters and press releases.

United familie of coffee

Fête du Café is the place where we share our common passion for the liquid gold that kickstarts our day. Here, strangers become friends and start-ups become the new heroes. Here we are family that sit around the table, share flavors, blends and experiences. And we want you to take a chair and join the conversation.